Tall is Kyle Branchesi and Shane Reiner-Roth, a design initiative based in Los Angeles and Boston. They preserve rumors in stone. They render alternatives to the quotidian. They reveal objecthood of images. They are observing how the world spins.


I Was An Important House That Day...

I am a house that grows up not knowing it is a house at all; a house so removed from the domestic life I wouldn't know where to start.

Figural Monuments : Six Ways To Commemorate Celebrity Mishaps

With Figural Monuments, our celebrity Schadenfreude is validated and our collective memory fortified.

The Architect Laughs Last

 ‘Fiction’ and ‘reality’ will be terms that we hope will one day sound like white noise - pornography will be sex and the War of the Worlds might as well have really happened.

Project-ive Landscapes

The new and irreversible reach of pure beauty comes from an awareness of original beauty, never to return.

Joining The Invisible Choir : Instrumental Euphemisms For Death

There are three general types of death for architecture: the publicly hanged, the miscarried, and the unconceived.


Becoming Upside Down

I write this to inform you that you're stuck. Or, rather, that you appear to be stuck.

History of the World Trade Center Part II

Fired, robbed, bombed, and tightroped, the towers of the World Trade Center shared enough tribulation and whimsy in their existence to last two lifetimes. 

A Moveable Taste

Dumped out of their labeled bags into a party bowl, the chips are as visibly indiscernible as the featureless, placeless food pills of yesteryear’s future.

Museum of the History of the Motel

Motel rooms are functional. Spatial no­brainers; idiot­proof; trouble­free; uncomplicated; logical.

Real Figments

The things we scope out and make pilgrimages for in nature took millions of years to create, their processes delicate and imperceptible. What we see in them are only their outermost layer, the one that “performs” according to our human interests, and what we harvest from them is that one layer.

Future's Tense

Models and drawings allow the architect to assume a unique position of foresight, but these presentation tools would seem to amount to little without the accompaniment of a language that argues for their full size versions in some distant future.

Satellite City

China incorporates the specific, and disperses the generic.

The Mess of Mesh

So much of the culture of architecture takes itself too seriously, and the data that is used to inform design has become overwhelming and contradicting. It is time to put data aside and design using other means.

Instrumental Plausibility

The audience for architectural proposals has become especially jaded by the onslaught of dramatic imagery and foolhardy ambitions, finding admiration instead in anything they understand to be fully realised, ‘built’ projects.

The Moving Target

The North Korea/China/Russia tri-point has long been the willful exception to the standard. While these three countries famously keep close tabs on its citizens, there is no razed border at their juncture to speak of.

Architecture > Language

Formally and phenomenologically, architecture spawned language for Ted Landrum. As a response to his poem, we have produced architecture from language to inspire the eternal return.